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The new NOBU series is mainly characterized by the metal structures of the desks that is typically the new “T” leg, connected with a ducted telescopic beam. Its aesthetics and functionality make this series topical and suitable for any operational office. Range of elements: desks, return desks, bench table for team work and multiple workstations, wave-shaped desks, sliding top desks, tables on castors and folding tops, meeting tables with ‘T” shaped legs and telescopic beam, corner connections, service units, pedestals, screens, cable channels, accessories for customization. Main materials: melamine, metal sheet, steel tube, ABS-nylon, aluminium. Unique selling points: stock optimization, functionality, topical aesthetics of the new bench leg in the external and intermediate version, easy and quick assembly, wide range and modularity, wide range of accessories, wide choice of finishes, option of fix height or adjustable height legs, with the push-button, crank or electrical system. Possibility to chose fix worktops, sliding and folding ones. Finishes: metal structures in aluminium, white or anthracite finish with chromed details and worktops in all finishes listed in the catalogue. Technical details: the leg’s base piece with its minimal square shape has requested the use and engineering of a special mould. A special spring mechanism auctioned with a push-button allows for height adjustment with steps of 2 cm. A special hinge attached to the desk beam allows for rotation of the worktop. The collection includes the possibility to adjust the height of the desk worktop from a minimum of 65 to a maximum of 86 cm. Through the pressure on an simple button it is possible to select the most appropriate height for the end user. In addition to the ‘bench’ leg option with fix height, we have included a new “3-level” height-adjustable version, by crank to start with and electrically in future. Besides the “sliding-top” option will allow for a comfortable access to the cable channel. New: tables with “folding tops”.

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