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The system of composition which seeks the ideal of architectural purity.  Some collections leave an indelible trace on the evolution of a company. GAP makes the past and tradition its own and recovers the concept of winning projects with passionate artisanship. This is the idea that generates a high level of flexibility: the opportunity to develop furniture along the axes; an important recovery of space which translates into significant savings. Pure geometry and harmonious natural and suggestive forms, in the pursuit of the most precise composition. Ample surfaces, narrow horizontal lines, freely inserted connecting elements and chromatic contrast between different materials create a compositional system that strives towards an ideal of architectural purity. From individual workstations to aggregate compositions, GAP opens up new solutions for teamwork and creative collaboration even in smaller spaces, thanks to the versatility of its parts and simple combination systems. The form integrates with the storage elements that become structure, responding to the dynamism required by furnishings. GAP facilitates team work and creative collaboration, thanks to the versatility of the screen elements, shelves and filing units in sheet metal that enclose the work surface. The work surface is populated every day with objects closely bound to the work that takes place there and the personality of its occupant. Screens, lamps, shelves and storage units alternate around the central profile, which conceals the wiring, to create situations that are never the same. Large accommodating areas for meetings. Timeless forms emerge perfectly from the composition of elements, to become symbols. The easy articulation of the components, fittings and accessories allow any meeting area to be furnished with taste and functionality.

DELLA VALENTINA OFFICE S.p.A. is one of the leading companies in the office furniture sector.