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The Innovation that Awards Furnished with taste and functionality. This workstation range steps out for its essentiality and simplicity. Trendy in the fundamental concepts of work in an office, extremely functional in shared workstation solutions. A collection of high-technological features studied in detail. For persons who do not leave anything to chance and they wants to give a very personal impression to their work space. Entity is an up-to-date and smart series, designed to meet the current architecture of office spaces. In particular, Entity is pointed on designing shared work spaces, increasing: functionality, convenience and pleasantly of the volumes. The central bar is set for the application of screens, flipping doors for inspection of wiring management and multipurpose accessories. Entity solves every problem of space, movement and function. And it does it so well and poise to have already earned two awards: Award EIMU Wellness@Work, Nomination Grandesign-designEtico. Coordinated colours and accessories complement the aesthetics performance of Entity. Lightness and cleanness of shapes are combined with very efficient functional solutions: everything has a place, of course the power cables included, for a more orderly and liveable working environment. Materials: - Working tops made of wood conglomerate coated with white, maple or walnut coloured melamine. - Metal structures, white or aluminium colour - Glass frontal panels, white or green colour - Fabric frontal panel, green colour - Accessories profiles made of anodised aluminium

DELLA VALENTINA OFFICE S.p.A. is one of the leading companies in the office furniture sector.