seating-bench addressed to lounge and waiting areas representing a frequent scene to which we are used to assist: “birds (sparrows, swallows etc) sitting on a branch or a log”. Here the tree branch-log has a seating function and the birds service as seat backs, their head as cover for the seated person, which can be lowered by pulling the beak in order to create more visual privacy and protection against surrounding noise. Besides, the log can contain a relaxing twittering sound! The system is modular so more logs can be assembled one next to each other. Possibility to integrate branch shaped armrests, that carry small worktops. Materials: Main structures: manufactured in laser cut and bent sheet metal. Surface finishes: painted with epoxy powders or soundproofing fabric coated. Small worktops: Melamine faced wood conglomerate boards, with ABS edgebanding. Legs: in metal tubular. Assembly: welding, screws and magnets.

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