Duo is a black or white ceramic vase for one flower.

Black felt pad
Black and White
Matt Satined ceramic

The vase is the expression of a body, a stem, a modular organism that celebrates an indissoluble union. The same flower, that passes through both vessels, manifests itself as the only sincere means of connection between the two elements. "We often forget that we are human beings and I like to think that an object can remind us of this".

Note 1
Available only in pairs.

Note 2
Handmade vase made by master ceramic craftsmen. Any irregularities or slight differences in colours are not to be considered defects, since they are high quality artisan finishes.

Antonio Facco

Antonio Facco was born in Milan in 1991. Various collaborations with architects and designers throughout his academic studies at the European Institute of Design Milano led him to found Dedra, a multidisciplinary design and visual arts channel joining young creative people with different skills, living in different geographical areas (Milan, Italy - Urbino, Italy - Brighton, UK). His works have been exhibited at the Fuorisalone in Milan and, immediately after his degree in Interior Design, he started to collaborate with Cappellini for installations, interior projects and visual communications. The most intimate root of his work can be found in his curiosity and transversal interests. He feels the impelling urge to tell stories that always lead individuals to identify themselves in his creative works. His aesthetics can be summarised as an attentive debate between a formal impulsiveness and the research on the limits of materials and the application of new technologies.

Cappellini faced the new millennium inextricably linked to the world of images, exploration and research.