Dune Max black forest by kymo

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kymo’s DUNE model has the constant up & down, the in & out, the ebb & flow of a beach dune to thank for its name. And no doubts whatsoever as to the material we’ve used in this piece of floorwear: Finest wool. For that inimitable natural touch. And that’s enough said at the end of the day – about the perfect carpet for highlighting a dining table or combining elegantly with wooden furniture. DUNE MAX has been created using a special state-of-the-art design technique: this time the raw material is not a natural colour but contemporary anthracite. The anthracite provides an appealing contrast to the different plain colours. DUNE MAX is available in 5 standard sizes and 14 standard colours. It is possible to produce custom sizes and custom shapes. Custom colours on request. Applications: indoors, residential, lounge areas, shop interiors Manufacturing process: hand-knotted Base material: cotton Pile material: 100% new wool Height: 6 - 8 mm Overall weight: ~ 2700g / sqm Backing material: highly effective acoustic polyester felt SUPERSONIC (spinneret dyed) Stress class: suitable for medium traffic residential areas Floor heating: suitable with floor-heating Acoustic properties: highly sound-absorbent Electro-static properties: anti-static Ability to restore: suited under tables and chairs; we recommend furniture glides Standard sizes: 140x200 | 170x240 | 200x200 | 200x300 | 300x400

KYMO from Germany, makes contemporary floorwear. Our approach to floor textiles is best summed up by our brand philosophy: 'GO ON.