de Sede DS 279 de Sede DS 279 de Sede DS 279 de Sede DS 279

Lightness and exceptional quality, unique design and flexibility are the hallmarks of the DS-279. It is the logical development of the family of easy chairs that resulted from Christian Werner’s close collaboration with de Sede, which has already given birth to the DS-278 lounge chair and DS-277 easy chair. The three models can be harmoniously combined and offer a staggering level of seating comfort that will meet every demand. In the case of the DS-279, a selection of bases – from exquisite wood to elegantly swivelling four-star metal – satisfy different visual requirements. Whether upholstered in leather or fabric, in an exciting combination of materials or stitched in contrasting colours, the wealth of design potential underscores the individuality of this shell-based chair. Its purist lines imbue it with a restrained air that is only enhanced by its perfectly crafted details. Unsurpassed in its ergonomics, this is a chair in which it is a pleasure to while away many happy hours.

 The de Sede philosophy. As a company, we strive to create hand-crafted masterpieces to meet discriminating individual requirements for the world of today.