de Sede DS 110 de Sede DS 110 de Sede DS 110 de Sede DS 110

An easy char that is totally new. Fresh and progressive. Not loud, but gratifyingly different. A chair for sinking back and plunging into blissful comfort. A chair that gives your favourite seat a new name: DS-110. In close cooperation with de Sede, Swiss designer Alfredo Häberli has used the DS-110 to reinterpret the shapes of automotive construction, with extended armrests echoing the sweeping wings of a Bugatti, and with the perfect ergonomics and starting-grid pose that reflect the beauty of a classic sports car. After the similarly inspired DS-57 - today a classic - de Sede now presents a classic of tomorrow in the DS-110. Its clean lines and surfaces were predestined for de Sede’s premium leather. Sit down, swivel round, lift up your legs and relax: the DS-110 is everything an easy chair should be. The reduced shape of the occasional table – the central console – provides space for a newspaper or a glass. The DS-110 represents a consummate blend of design, craftsmanship and functionality.

 The de Sede philosophy. As a company, we strive to create hand-crafted masterpieces to meet discriminating individual requirements for the world of today.