Width 46.6 cm
Depth 38.6 cm
Height 2.7 cm


Finish 196 Powder Coated Granite Fine Structure
Material Powder-Coated Metal


Ean 94036090000
Quantity 1

It fits perfectly into our STRIPES system, for instance, and is easy to get out when the weather changes.

The wonderfully practical DRIP shoe rack keeps entrances and hallways clean and tidy; it’s the perfect place to put winter shoes and hiking boots when you get home. Galvanised and powder-coated, DRIP’s rack is rust-free. So, too, is the tray underneath, which catches the drips and dirt from shoes. A great way to protect hardwood floors and carpets, DRIP is available in two sizes: small, for two pairs of adults’ shoes, and large, for more items of footwear. And when the summer comes, it’s easy to stow in a cupboard.

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