Width 9 cm
Height 10 cm
Net weight 0.20/ 0.80 kg


Colour Dark Grey
Material Steel


Overall size 18 x 18 cm
Year 2016

With a name like Drift, it’s easy to see how this set of low, lateral candle holders was inspired by frozen ice floating in the Arctic Sea.

Made with simplicity in mind, this modular set of four can be configured into a range of shapes or used as individual candleholders. Each one is crafted in steel and powder-coated matt grey to give the surface a lustrous texture. One corner is angled upwards, making it easier to lift and hold. A discreet metal pin in the centre holds the candle upright.

The candle holder’s base is completely hidden from view, anchoring it in place while giving it a weightless appearance. The candle holder is designed to accommodate a variety of sizes, ranging from slender classic candles to bigger, robust styles. As tall candles contrast with Drift’s sleek base, they echo the towers of white ice and cold waters that inspired the design.

Nestor Campos

Born in Granada, Andalusia, designer and architect Nestor Campos left his native Spain to study design and architecture in Italy, Germany and Sweden. After several years of working for architectural practices, Campos completed a post-graduate degree in industrial design at Lund University, subsequently establishing his own studio in 2014.

Campos’ work is inspired by a wide variety of cultural traditions and the diverse landscapes found in the countries he has lived in. These references add elements of surprise to Campos’ work, and often spark aesthetics inspired by natural forms, understated beauty and principles of minimalism. These inspirations come together spectacularly in the Drift candleholder.

We create furniture, lighting and accessories that are Nordic in spirit, yet global in style.