Dressing Station DBF-419.2 by De Breuyn
De Breuyn

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Material:  19mm beech Multiplex with HPL, solid beech wood Dimensions: W 162 x H 90 x D 36/56cm

As a top on on wardrobes or cupboards the changing station supports the dressing process of little children in nurseries or the like by giving the opportunity to climb on an ergonomically clever height for adults. The fact that the children can climb it on their own trains the motor skills and protects the backs of the parents and the pedagogues. The convenient depot offers space for the cloth of the child and the bag or the like of the parent. Waiting children can play in the house under the changing platform.  Because of it’s modularity the changing station can be joined individually to the needs and possibilities of each institution. It’s combination of HPL-covered Multiplex und beech wood is easy to integrate in consisting institutions and furthermore the colour of the HPL can be chosen fitting to the interior. 

De Breuyn – Children’s Furniture Systems The German, family-owned De Breuyn has developed meticulously designed children’s furniture since 1986.