Dreams White Daisy Rug

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Brianda Fitz-James Stuart’s imagination exchanges paper for wool to fill with life the collection she has designed for GAN: DREAMS, composed of two rugs, WHITE DAISY and MEDIEVAL FACES.

The renowned illustrator and print designer takes us into her magnetic and original universe, populated by elements of nature and the imagery of past times. Conceived with the purpose of not only being useful but also to beautify the world and to excite, the two DREAMS rugs are made using the hand-tufted and chain stitch techniques. Each model comes in a single color and is available in two different sizes.

Brianda Fitz-James Stuart

Illustrator and print designer from Madrid. She has collaborated with a multitude of brands, as well as in projects as diverse as designing a watch for Swatch, being an illustrator for Gucci, painting ceramics, creating prints, wallpapers, illustrating books…. No media is left untouched!

Her illustrations have starred in exhibitions in places like Japan and have earned the favor of thousands of followers on Instagram.

Brianda’s work is a beautiful sampling of her interests: art history art and nature. The artist delicately gathers the essential features of what she contemplates and transfers it with sophisticated lines and intense coloring to her designs. In her work, myth and past imagery shine with sweet charm.

About her training and education
Brianda Fitz James Stuart has always had a special affinity with plastic arts and art in general. Determined to focus her career on a creative field, she studied Fashion Design at the European Institute of Design. When she finished her fashion studies, she moved to New York. There, she worked for the painter Paul Balmer and studied drawing and painting at The Art Student League of New York School for a year.

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