Width 70 cm
Depth 66 cm
Height 78 cm
Weight 13 kg


Base finish Black
Colour Ivory
Material Polyester, Steel
Upholstery Cream White

The design style of Rianne Koens can be described as friendly and clear, with round shapes and the use of soft, natural materials.

This is reflected in the way Dost is designed: a combination of clear lines with a soft coating. Rianne Koens was inspired by one of the most important needs of a human being: friendship. The word dost means friendship in Turkish. If you take a seat in this arm chair, it reminds you of a hug from an old friend, which is always nice to have around. The soft and warm materials ensure an interesting contrast with the fresh, steel legs. An outstanding detail of this design is the backrest of the chair.

Puik makes design personal.