Table base in solid oakwood, natural, stained or mat lacquered finish with glass or wooden top. Dimensions: Ø 130 cm – Ø 160 cm ∕ 130 × 130 cm – 160 cm × 160 cm

Dorico is distinguished by its sophisticated and elegant structure: a sculptural base, unusual and original design, composed of 12 rays that intersect with each other, creating a unique hourglass shaped base. The base solidity is counterbalanced by the lightness of the top, circular or square, offered in clear glass and oak-wood, stained or lacquered in various finishes. A timeless design that combines the expert woodworking to the needs of an elegant and contemporary product. Table with glass or wooden top (ø 130 cm - ø 160 cm).

The history of Bross is inextricably linked to two factors that make it unique from its birth: on one side, the love for wood and natural materials, on the other hand, the strong international vocation.