Donk table by Label

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A table with a both sympathetic as well as clear construction. The combination of round moments in the wooden parts as well as the metal couplings gives the table it’s sturdy yet elegant and timeless look. The design of the Donk table also demonstrates a beautiful balance between the industrial and the traditional. Dimensions (in mm): Length top 2000 (other lengths upon request) Length table 2080 Width 1000 Height 750 (other heights upon request) Technical specifications: Tube construction Metal tube Legs Untreated oak or lacquered wengé. Totally oak or stained Top Untreated oak or lacquered wengé. Totally oak or stained Recommended selling prices Prices depend on the upholstery of choice and the design. For a personal quotation indication we invite you to contact one of our dealers. Outlets Our models can be obtained from different outlets in the Netherlands and abroad. For an up-to-date survey we invite you to visit our website. Maintenance Leather and wood are natural products that generally benefit from as little maintenance as possible. Dusting with a soft, clean cloth usually suffices. Possible wiping with a moist cloth (preferably use tap water or distilled water. Do not use mineral water or any cleaning detergents). Major maintenance instructions can be found on our website, for the different types of leather from our collection. For additional information and possible maintenance and cleaning detergents, we advise you to contact one of our dealers. On the website of the fabric supplier you can find extensive information concerning the upkeep of the fabric. Service and guarantee Should you despite our stringent quality requirements not be satisfied with your piece of furniture, then you are advised to contact the outlet where you bought your furniture. You can submit your complaint to us via this outlet.

Label is a Dutch, family owned, design furniture manufacturer.