Do-Ro-Ta by Comforty

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The Salone del Mobile 2015 presentation features a collaboration between Comforty and one of the most influential designers of the 20th century, Alessandro Mendini. By placing the concept of the products designed for Comforty between the traditional and the contemporary, Alessandro Mendini introduced versatile pieces into the collection – tables and stools, and a rare inlayed wood technique. Traditional craftsmanship merged with new technology results in perfect shapes that become a medium for neo-pop and abstract compositions. In a return to basic forms, the archetypal geometry allowed for the design of three cylindrical forms of different heights and diameters that can shift from one function to another. Depending on the need, they are easily adaptable to various settings as seats, tables and stools. The geometric simplicity is made sophisticated through the generous texture of the natural wood – walnut, ipe lapacho and elm veneer. “The cylinder is a perfect geometric shape. These three little pieces from DO-RO-TA furniture feature cylinders of different heights and diameters. The first is a very low, wide stool suitable for two or three people; the second is a conventional stool for one; and the third is a small coffee table. Their decorative look is provided by a composition of three different types of inlaid wood that generate naturalistic and abstract figures with a neo-pop character. The wood confers a poetic and organic feeling on these three objects. They are like geometrized tree trunks brought inside the home.”

Comforty—a leading brand of upholstered furniture in Poland, founded in 2000 in Nowe Skalmierzyce (Wielkopolska region).