Dizzy by Milano Bedding
Milano Bedding

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ottoman with bed A practical and useful pouf which fits well into any interior. DIZZY’s cover is characterized by its piping and covered buttons that are available in a variety of colors. The cover is removable and washable depending on the fabric chosen. In just two simple maneuvers, DIZZY is transformed into a single bed. The 80 X 205 X 10h mattress is made of undeformable foam and has a quilted cotton cover. Dimensions width: cm. 87 / in 34 ¼ depth: cm. 72 / in 28 ¼ height: cm. 47 / in 18 ½ mattress: cm. 80 x 205 x 10 h / in 31½ x 80¾ x 4 h

Milano Bedding® is a brand founded in 1996 from the experience of Kover, a company which for thirty years has been a leading manufacturer of sofa beds, beds and mattresses.