Divan DBB-101 by De Breuyn
De Breuyn

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The youth bed comes with three-sided framing or as a flat bed with short corner posts. A fall protection guard can also be added to maximize protection for infants. Cushions, pillows and bedspreads in 16 different shades offer a plethora of style options. The tray table, integrated with the bed is a great addition and provides ample space for lamp, books or glasses. The two drawers provide plenty of storage area and comes handy as an additional sleeping space as well. Material: Solid beech wood, natural oiled or or stained in 16 different colours. Dimensions:: 99,2 x 213,5cm, H= 57,5cm

The youth bunk bed has a lower edge of 145cm and has ample space for a large workplace under it where even an adult can sit and work. The dual platform countertop measures 80 x 20cm and its height can be adjusted between 50cm - 76cm. Another practical addition is a wall panel with shelves which is also integrated with the bed construction. The destyle bed base can be converted to a four poster bed meant for youngsters without the fall protection guard in front. A wall panel can be added at the back and now the bed is transformed into a sofa with cushions and pillows. You can dismantle the loft bed to derive the low raise couch or can order it separately as a single bed. You can equip the couch with two drawers or a pull-out guest bed to complete its look.

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