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Ø cm. 43 x h cm. 65 1 x E27  70W HES 1 x E27  20W fluorescent 1 x E27   8W LED

Table, reading and floor lamp, that contains the light inside its shapes: the light is compressed to be then freely emanate into the space, thanks to a simple movement. A light shade in cotton fabric, with an almost cylindrical shape, hides an half-sphere that contains the light source. The shade is closed on the upper part by a rotating metal disc, acting as a reflector that orient the luminous flux: when the disc is in the horizontal position the light is reflected inside the half-sphere, by tilting the disc, the light will be released into the space, losing some intensity inside the shade. This particular gives a strong aesthetic characterization to the object-lamp and it enriches his functionality. Material: Shade in cotton fabric with rotating and dimming metal disc cover. Anti-dazzle thermoformed bottom cap in opal PMMA with Soft Touch finish. Structure in white painted metal. Colors: cotton fabric: 19 colors among classic and fashion Dimensions: Ø cm. 43 x h cm. 65 Ø cm. 43 x h cm. 155 Ø cm. 53 x h cm. 175 Bulbs: Ø cm. 43 x h cm. 65/155 1 x E27  70W HES/ 1 x E27  20W fluorescent / 1 x E27   8W LED Ø cm. 53 x h cm. 175 2 x E27 70W HES/2 x E27  20W fluorescent / 2 x E27   8W  LED Power supply: 220/240 V

Modo Luce: the solid lightness of light design A new, free and easy, coloured and amusing approach to the world of light.