Disk-10 by BELUX

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Standing light Touchdimmer, Dimmable DALI, Multisens Colour: chrome (CR), aluminium (AL) or white (WE) 1x 55W, T5 FC, 2Gx13, 230V 1x 60W, T5 FC, 2Gx13, 230V

Two round fluorescent lamps having a total power of 115 W generate energy-saving indirect room light and direct reading and working light. Thanks to modern electronics, DISK delivers high-quality energy-saving lighting. The light is switchable, dimmable and supplied with Multisens, the touch-dimmer switch is located on the light head. DISK is available in white/softlight, aluminium and chrome.

BELUX develops and manufactures lamps for office and home environments.