Dining Desk Poggenpohl | 7100 by Draenert

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Dining Desk: It is an adjustable dining table of natural stone. The table can be opened along its longitudinal axis either manually or optionally by a quiet, variable-displacement motor. Inside, it presents a multiple function area with stainless steel plates, cutlery box or cutting board, which can be arranged in many ways. Two trolleys fit exactly into the open areas at the two ends. Trolley: The lacquered trolley is made from steel and wood matching the dining table, which can be pushed into the open areas at the front ends of the dining table. It offers additional comfort, like toaster, trays or champagne cooler, which forms the interface between the kitchen and the dining place and thus transforms it to a completely new function. Focussing the core competencies of Poggenpohl and Draenert – research for holistic design concepts based on the interaction of newest techniques and highest quality – brought a most innovative solution for the living and dining room – the Dining Desk concept. This trendsetting co-operation project of the renowned kitchen manufacturer Poggenpohl and Draenert as manufacturer of unique dining tables and chairs, exceeds the scope of the conventional development of design concepts. The dining desk opens a new chapter in designing the living space will – and considers the trend to merge the kitchen and living- and dining- area. Trend prognoses state that the kitchen opens more and more to the adjacent living areas. Hospitality in the own four walls becomes more and more an expression of a cultivated lifestyle. Part of this is cooking and preparing the meals with the guests. The dining group “Dining Desk” with Linus chairs is a place of communication, because living, cooking and communication belong together in today’s society. Kitchen and dining areas develop more and more into an experience and representation area. Dining Desk: 100 x 200 x 74 cm extended 143 x 200 x 74 cm or 100 x 250 x 74 cm extended 143 x 250 x 74 cm Trolley: 41,6 x 63 x 71,5 cm

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