Width 58.8 cm
Depth 55 cm
Height 77.5 cm
Weight 12.5 kg
Seat height 46 cm


Frame finish Oak smoked stained lacquered
Material Wood
Upholstery Leather 31 Shell


Cbm 0.3 m3


Years of study led to the design of Din Chair that is characterised by a highly international appeal combined with immense seating comfort while dining and socialising.


Oeo is a multi-disciplinary design studio focusing on interior architecture and product design. Head of Design, Thomas Lykke is a strong believer in “reason for being”. He shares an ardent drive for creating products and ex­periences that harbour an inner sense of necessity and offer enduring quality. A great passion for craftsmanship, tactile natural materials and a lived-in sensibility for the detail are essential elements in his aspirational designs with several earning a place in the permanent collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Since its foundation in 1911, the family-owned company Fredericia has built up a strong tradition of beautiful craftsmanship and innovative design, developed in close collaboration with a carefully chosen circle of internationally recognised designers.