Width 9 cm
Depth 16 cm
Height 7,5 cm
Weight 0,6 kg


Colour Black
Material Ceramic Other
Secondary colour White


Size cup 7,5x9 cm saucer 16 cm
Suitable for outdoor use no


The DIDO cup and saucer. A combo with a bold and bright design. The cup has a pattern in black/grey or with several colours together. 

Its both useful and elegant with a saucer to the cup. This Im thinking, after not have been using saucer to my cups, for the last couple of years. The cake fitting right there close to the cup and all so convenient and stabile to hold and carry! Tradition in a new package.

The cup can be filled with 3 dl of coffee or tea, well suitable for both.

All products in the DIDO collection are cast in stoneware and produced in Portugal. Swedish design.

At the same time both hard work and great fun!", says Camilla Engdahl, ceramic artist and designer with studio and workshop in Skövde (central part of Sweden)!