Diana Sofa by Ritzwell

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Frame : Walnut oiled finish Frame cover : Leather Cushion : Leather

The characteristic line of the back and arm frame, curving to encompass your body, gives the design a powerful visual impact combined with the unique tranquility of Japan. The leather wrappings on the frame adjust the feel of the wood, bringing its wild nature under control and camouflaging its form to make the walnut stand out even more. The hues of the leather are as close to natural as possible, balancing well with the walnut as no inorganic, uniform color could. The fusion of walnut and leather creates a high-grade feel, and expresses the ambiance of Japan through wood, leather and cloth.

COMPANY PROFILE As a Japanese furniture manufacturer, Ritzwell has continued to lead the Japanese furniture design industry with its unique worldview since its establishment in 1992.