NEO/CRAFT Diamond turquoise NEO/CRAFT Diamond black NEO/CRAFT Diamond white NEO/CRAFT Diamond yellow NEO/CRAFT Diamond agate grey

Shaped like a diamond this hexagonal pendant lamp fascinates by its figurative character and its playful lighting at the same time. Depending on the surface the facets reflect other light sources as well as the lamps own. Those made from glossy chrome or copper enchant like sparkling mirrors. The versions in black or white amaze with more subtle reflections. Due to its hexagonal geometry the lamp's silhouette varies depending on your point of view. Turned on or off, Diamond is an object of strong modernity adding a glamourous appeal to any interior design. Material: Aluminium, powder coated or metal covered Colours: chrome, copper, black and white Sizes: Small Height: 25 cm Width : 25 cm Depth: 21 cm Large: Height: 35 cm Width: 35 cm Depth: 30 cm

NEO/CRAFT combines traditional craftsmanship with modern production techniques.