DIAGON Executive cantilever chair by Girsberger

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Swiss furniture manufacturer Girsberger has rounded out its latest swivel chair range with the Diagon Executive. Diagon was conceived by the famous designer Burkhard Vogtherr and was introduced over a year ago at the Designers' Saturday event in Langenthal, Switzerland. The "sign of the Diagon" is its aluminium backrest support. While it appears at first glance to be a decorative design feature, it has in fact functional reasons. "My original idea was to design a comfortable backrest by mounting it on two rubber cushions to create a movable lumbar area", explains Burkhard Vogtherr. "The design of this support inevitably came down to necessity. When you implement a useful function in a minimalistic way, it almost automatically becomes attractive too". Diagon's exceptional comfort can be seen from its dynamic sitting position in particular. The flexibly mounted backrest maximizes the opening angle of the seat and seat back when reclining, thus providing exceedingly comfortable movement. The new Diagon Executive model complements the comfortable basic characteristics of the range with its particularly elaborate and soft padding. Furthermore, the chair has an extra-high backrest with an adjustable neck support as well as leather-upholstered aluminium armrests. Diagon Executive is available exclusively with a leather cover and Girsberger provides high-quality pure aniline leather especially for this seat. Pure aniline leather is the most natural form of leather. It owes its fine texture and velvety feel to the strict selection of hides and specific tanning process. The open-pore leather is only available in natural colours and develops a beautiful patina over time. The transparent dye preserves the natural surface of the grain and gives the leather a natural, authentic feel. To go with the Diagon Executive swivel chair, we offer a cantilever chair as a visitor or conference chair.

The origins of the furniture manufacturer Girsberger go back to a woodturner’s workshop, which was founded as a family enterprise in Zurich in 1889.