Width 260 cm
Depth 1 cm
Height 225 cm
Weight 1.50 kg


Colour White
Material Cotton
Secondary colour Red


Assembly required none
Size 225 x 260 cm - Double
Suitable for outdoor use no


The quilt is lightweight yet warm and can be use as a bedspread, throw or summer quilt.

The Dharla quilt is made from hand block-printing a design onto unbleached cotton and then stitching the layers together with Kantha stitching across the entire piece to add strength, shape and texture.

Kantha Embroidery is the most popular form of embroidery practised by rural women in West Bengal, it is a simple running stitch. The traditional form of Kantha embroidery was applied to old saris and dhotis, using thread drawn out from the borders of the used cloth to stitch together layers of old cloth to make a quilt.

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