DGTL One anthracite & brown by kymo

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kymo DGTL One anthracite & brown kymo DGTL One anthracite & ivory kymo DGTL One anthracite & stone grey kymo DGTL One nature grey & ivory kymo DGTL One dark blue & stone grey kymo DGTL One pastel blue & ivory kymo DGTL One pastel green & nature grey kymo DGTL One orange sun & nature grey

Bits and Bytes determine modern day events and have also significantly influenced our aesthetics in the recent past. As homage to the digital age and its beginnings, Eva Langhans’ design represents abstract concepts that bring a computer circuit board or digital graphics to mind. This modern conception is contrasted by the floorwear’s classical workmanship. The sophisticated knotting handiwork is also an expression of the material’s natural roots – pure wool. DGTL One is available in 5 standard sizes and 8 standard colours. It is possible to produce custom sizes and custom shapes. Custom colours on request. Applications: indoors, residential, lounge areas, shop interiors Manufacturing process: hand-knotted Base material: cotton Pile material: 100% new wool Height: 6 - 8 mm Overall weight: - 2700g / sqm Backing material: highly effective acoustic polyester felt SUPERSONIC (spinneret dyed) Stress class: suitable for medium traffic residential areas Floor heating: suitable with floor-heating Acoustic properties: highly sound-absorbent Electro-static properties: anti-static Ability to restore: suited under tables and chairs; we recommend furniture glides standard sizes: 140x200 | 170x240 | 200x200 | 200x300 | 300x400

KYMO from Germany, makes contemporary floorwear. Our approach to floor textiles is best summed up by our brand philosophy: 'GO ON.