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Blueroom Desk Blueroom Desk - Cloth bag

The desk with varied heights, reminds one of school desks from yesteryear and is easily converted into a modern workspace. The upper level is rotatable and demountable. So the desk adapts to the child’s size and needs optimally. On the sides of the desk, buttons can be attached to add a cloth bag for paper rolls and loose sheets or to hang the schoolbag and gym bag or even a jacket or coat. The fabric bags are made from the exclusive collection of fabrics by „les toiles du soleil“ and are offered in different colors. Openings in the table’s shelf provide functionality by allowing for pens, brushes etc to be stored. Manufactured in Switzerland from certified birch plywood with white-oiled surface Size: 120/60/75cm Size with upper table top: 120/72/75cm Weight: 37kg

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