Design Birdy by Eternit (Schweiz) AG
Eternit (Schweiz) AG

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Stylish living For the interior and exterior: Thanks to timeless design, Swisspearl® furniture and accessories give every living space a welcoming, personal touch. The pieces, conceptualised by designers and made by hand, exude an incomparable simplicity. The interplay with the consistent quality and unique look and feel lays the foundation for design classics. Features Models: Large selection of exclusive design pieces available: SPONECK CHAIR AND TABLE, GUHL CHAIR AND TABLE, HOCUSPOCUS, ECAL, CHEERS, TRASH CUBE, BIRDY, DUNE LOUNGE AND TABLE, DIE BANK, MUNELI, RELAX!, TETRIS, MOLD Colours: STANDARD colours as well as all colours À LA CARTE from the RAL collection

Swisspearl® - Quality of life as the highest principle For many years now, Eternit (Schweiz) AG has been developing innovative and sustainable Swisspearl® products made of natural materials, in the spirit of invention and with expert skills, for use in the building envelope, the interior design and the garden - fully focused on aesthetics, quality and responsibility towards people and the environment.