Delite –Table by De Breuyn
De Breuyn

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The children tables are extremely robust. They are available in two sizes: 60 x 60cm and 60 x 90cm. The tables are optimally adapted to the heights of the convertible chair. We supply each table with four distance blocks that can be screwed under the legs. Thus, the children's table grows and can be well adapted to the seat height for a three year old. Material: Solid beech wood, white and coloured Melamin with solid edge bands Dimensions:: 60x60cm H 50/50cm

Apt for children above 1.5 years this debe.delite sitting area includes convertible chair with three different heights apt as beginner’s seat. In addition you get table in 6 different dimensions. Our stackable chair made of solid beech is ideal for children above 3 years and is offered in vibrant shades of white and natural.

De Breuyn – Children’s Furniture Systems The German, family-owned De Breuyn has developed meticulously designed children’s furniture since 1986.