Delite – medium Loft bed with shelves by De Breuyn
De Breuyn

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Big, yet not bulky, the loft beds in the debe.delite series are perfect for children above 4 years. With an overall height of 156 cm, this bed easily blends with the ambience of your child’s room. The bed surface height measuring 100 cm is apt for a child, while an adult will reach every corner of the bed for a comfortable sleep or cherished evening ceremonies like ‘ABC’ singing. Material: Solid beech wood, natural oiled. Coloured HPL Dimensions:: 102 x 208cm, H 156,2cm

debe.delite - a bed for every age. The debe.delite bed system can be constructed in four different bed heights with a total of eight different mattress base heights. Thus it can be used for the respective age and ability of the child.

De Breuyn – Children’s Furniture Systems The German, family-owned De Breuyn has developed meticulously designed children’s furniture since 1986.