low table 125 x 48 x 37cm

Collection of low tables and bookcase in laminated and thermo welded transparent extralight glass. The shelves of the bookcase and the vertical elements of the low tables are in coloured transparent glass available in grey or blue tone. Moving from one element to the next, the distance between them gradually decreases, whilst the intensity of colour increases. This chromatic effect, associated with the mirror bases, bestows great depth to the pieces and a play of magical reflections. DEE01 tavolino/low table 75 x 75 x 37 DEE02 tavolino/low table 125 x 48 x 37 DEE03 libreria/bookcase 175 x 35 x 151

Glas Italia was established in 1970 in Macherio in Brianza, the industrious area of Regione Lombardia made famous by the shrewdness of some enlightened enterpreneurs of furnishings, thanks to whom the phenomenon of the "Italian design", well-known and appreciated throughout the whole world, could develop.