Set System is a marvellous idea, that translates into reality: it fulfils, in an extraordinary flexible way, all the personal requirements. In fact, the common characteristic of each composition (both if it’s a library or a more complex composition with various solutions in order to close spaces, such as drawers, doors, flap or sliding doors) of this programme of Former is its capacity to adapt itself to the various space contexts through unlimited solutions. Thanks to the chameleonic characteristic of Set System, everyone, who enjoys it or who projects it, isn’t in a spot. In fact its development is different from the classic one with the vertical sides that supports the “universe”: in Set System it’s the horizontal “side”, that supports the composition; in this way we can create spaces and opening with embossed or not tops, in order to satisfy everyone’s whims without any prohibition.

Former, Industria per l’Arredamento based in Cantù, was born in 1967.