Data 7 by Sancal

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Table 200x95x74

Data 7 was an ambitious project from the beginning. The aim was to project a multi-purpose table we can admire in any place and use in any occasion. Solid and really versatile, for the past 20 years Data 7 has given us successful applications for the home, such as: coffee tables, kitchen tables or, indeed, as a desk – so, too, in restaurants, offices and other public spaces. Its various sizes can have different finishes for the tops and structures. The wooden tops offer the possibility of incorporating a wing designed to meet the specific needs of the work space. Technical data The structures have F1 steel profiles epoxi coated. The tops can be glass, stained beech, lacquered MDF or Polyrey. Table 60x60x57 Table 75x75x40 Table 125x70x40 Table 120x120x40 Table 90x90x74 Table 120x75x74 Table 160x95x74 Table 200x95x74 Suplementary leaf

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