Dali Pendant Light

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Dalì pendant lamps by Italamp emerge from a dreamlike dimension and, as their name suggests, make a real statement.

The two designers, Paolo Nava and Luca Arosio, drew their inspiration from the Spanish artist when delineating the sinuous lines of these thermoformed glass lamps.
As in the art of Salvador Dalì, the surreal penetrates reality, changing the very nature of the most familiar objects. In this way, glass becomes “soft”, like the artist's famous clocks, and overlaps in various layers, thus giving the lamp the ethereal lightness of a veil, almost recalling the familiar sight of clothes drying in the sun.
Dalì has LED light sources inserted in the grooves of the metal support of the lamp, whose curved structure resembles that of a necklace. Designed in the pendant version only, Dalì is available in green, amethyst, blue and grey.
Dalì is part of the Incanto collection.

Paolo Nava and Luca Arosio

Luca Maria Arosio (1988) and Paolo Emanuele Nava (1989) are NAVA+AROSIO Studio.
The duo of italians designer have their headquarters in Lissone (Milan-Italy) in a big house-studio-laboratory of the first ‘900’s. After the honours degree at NABA in Milan, in 2014 they set up NAVA+AROSIO Studio, in collaboration with Jonathan Nava, Shanghai contact point, and Alexander Nava, Hamburg contact point. Working on different projects for prestigious firms the studio gains important international awards, and their projects are published by the most important mastheads of the sector. Research and experimentation are the engine of their ideas; a design that wouldn’t identify itself in a precise formal rules, but it wants to be a voyage, always different, to research the maximum expression of all composite elements.

Italamp philosophy stems from the perception of the context in which we live and from the awareness that being projected into the future does not mean leaving the past behind: the classics, tradition, our Made in Italy, should be seen as a genuine research, enhancement and development of the rich heritage of Italian originality.