Czeslaw Sofa by Comforty

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Comforty Czeslaw Sofa Comforty Czeslaw Armchair

This product was designed for events during the Polish Presidency in EU. It is suited for spaces arranged for bilateral meetings and unofficial, casual talks. CZESLAW is an individualist, who is also very good at teamwork. All the traditional elements of an armchair, such as the seat, the backrest, legs, and armrests are integrated into one compact form. The moderate expression and scale make the CZESLAW family exceptionally versatile in use. They work perfectly when used in a group, in a public space or in an office. At the same time, each of the pieces is a strong and attractive object in a living space.

Comforty—a leading brand of upholstered furniture in Poland, founded in 2000 in Nowe Skalmierzyce (Wielkopolska region).