Use the Cylindrical Container for small items.

Package weight

Each item fulfils a concrete function. The individual items also express sculptural decoration and form families. The graphic / glazing of the objects refer to the hollow spaces of vessels. When filling up the hollow spaces (e.g. with water) the graphic emerges.

Alexa Lixfeld

After a ten-year career as a model, Alexa Lixfeld switched to design, studying in Germany and at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Now based in Hamburg, her design company boasts a kaleidoscopic portfolio, ranging from concrete and porcelain tableware to cashmere and a fragrance collection.

Alexa is committed to keeping alive craft techniques in communities around the world, collaborating with artisans in Sri Lanka, Japan, Czech Republic, Vietnam, Nepal and China. “My work is essentially about bringing together what is already there, but which remained disconnected. I’m less a product designer than a process designer, a facilitator, someone who makes things possible.”

Menu’s philosophy is simple. We want to make the world better, less complicated, a little bit nicer to wake up to. Collaborating with super-talented designers, we make objects to be treasured now… and forever.