Cyclone F28 A01 01 by Fabbian

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White plaster ceramic diffuser.

Bartek Mejor designed Cyclone for the event Polish Design Focus which took place in Berlin during the DMY fair 2013. In this occasion, the designer managed to win the annual prize for the best design. The pendant lamp is the result of a research regarding porcelain products and the tactile aspects of ceramic; the purpose was to create a soft yet well-defined object. The round shape of the lamp shows the movement of the fluid ceramic thrown in space. The result is a vortex, frozen at the right moment, reminding us of natural forces such as hurricanes or cyclones. Manual work and sketches, along with advanced technologies and software solutions, helped the young designer obtain the ideal shape for this lamp. However, the final details were perfected through a hand-made plaster model. Mejor claims that it is exciting to work with such an antique and traditional material like ceramic; exploiting innovative technologies to give it unique shapes is the perfect balance between craftsmanship and modern production. As a designer maker, Mejor conceived an exceptional yet functional object. The pendant lamp is available in one size, its light direct. Electrification on mains voltage for LED. White plaster ceramic diffuser.

Fabbian Illuminazione was established in 1961 as a company manufacturing lighting appliances for homes and for contract work.