black base leather armrest: black leather | 10303 cognac leather | 10302 dark grey fabric | 10301 light grey fabric | 10300 black base black wood armrest: black leather | 10308 cognac leather dark grey fabric light grey fabric

We embrace all kinds of Curves, especially these ones. The Curves series was the first in the Erik Bagger Furniture collection to combine Erik Bagger’s renowned organic design philosophy with scientific approaches to designing ergonomically. Curves can complete any lounge area – or simply add that missing spark of sophistication needed, whether in the shape of a lounge chair, a barstool, a sofa or a dining chair. With Curves we invite you to take a seat – and we promise you, it is going to be a good one.

ERIK BAGGER FURNITURE Erik Bagger Furniture is built on a foundation of quality, ergonomic comfort and beautiful design.