Čuovga Pole-top luminaire Medium by Blond Belysning
Blond Belysning

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H 3500 mm D 500 / 790 mm (Single / double luminaire) W 300 mm

Čuovga, [tʃˈoɑβː.kɑ], is Northern Sami and means ”light” or ”glow from campfire”. Originally created for the Church of Kiruna, situated in an area inhabited by the Sami-people 6000 years before the city of Kiruna was established, the luminaire family has a direct light distribution in order to minimize light pollution. The poles can be equipped with several different luminaires, with the possibility to aim the shades. Tarred Heartwood And Steel Metal- and wooden details can be painted / tarred in other colours by request.

FAMILY OWNED COMPANY BLOND was created in Värnamo, Sweden, where all the production and manufacturing is still carried out.