Capdell Culmen 931 NC Capdell Culmen 931 N

The brand of contemporary furniture Capdell, presents Culmen, a table designed by Rafa Ortega and oriented to the catering and hotel management whose friendly design allows it to adapt to every situation. The possibility of enjoying it with a compact or wooden cover opens its doors to an exterior and interior use, and the adjustable cleats of the legs optimize the stability of a table regardless of the surface it is standing on. But it is the board Culmen which is available in a square shape, round or semi, where you can see one of the most defining characteristics of the personality and model intentions: two small integrated claws which make possible to hang the purse and personal belongings comfortably. Culmen is available in white, black and other colours upon request. It has a resistent base in galvanized iron also available in white and black. Dimensions: 2 base measurements (50 y 60 cms of diameter) 3 posible boards: square, round and semi. Height: 71/109 cms Compact board: 13 mm thickness HDF board: 10 mm thickness Wooden board: 22/50 mm thickness

Capdell is a brand created in 1981 from the evolution of Sillerias Alacuas, the historic company founded over 40 years ago.