TEAM 7 cubus pure wall storage system TEAM 7 cubus pure wall storage system TEAM 7 cubus pure wall storage system

Attractive mix of materials. The elegant coloured glass surrounds of cubus pure set the stage for the hand-sorted natural wood fronts. The fine glass edges and recessed plinth create a light, floating visual appearance. Thanks to a special mounting system, the coloured glass areas can easily be adjusted and replaced at any time. Seven different types of wood and a specially treated riffholz surface, as well as ten different colours of glass or your very own customised colour, give plenty of scope for creative freedom. What's more with eleven different heights, five widths and four depths, there are plenty of options available. Rotating doors, flaps and drawers can be fitted with hinged handles or can be designed ""handle-free"" with touch mounting. cubus – having been on the market for 10 years now, this TEAM 7 classic is an evergreen range which continues to be maintained and enhanced with great attention to detail. The modular unit system combines with the shelving system to create one of the most flexible and comprehensive furniture ranges ever – fit for any application and for any requirement. From spacious bookshelves to acoustic home entertainment units, elegant side boards and highboards, this range offers unique, customised design options and impresses with its clearly outlined shapes and intricate handcrafted details. This vibrant combination gives wood a new quality that is particularly striking when merged with archaic-looking fronts such as wild oak or rustic walnut. It can be further intensified in open-plan living areas alongside the new loft kitchen, for example. A new addition to the range is the cubus glass cabinet with angled doors. Joined at the corners, the glass panel doors provide a generous view of the interior and showcase the cabinet‘s contents. The anti-glare LED interior lighting fills the full interior of the cabinet with a consistent, atmospheric light and the new smoky glass – an alternative to clear glass – also provides an elegant look. Carefully adapted to this modern style, the cubus frame supports the light outline of the glass cabinet which, in its two attractive heights, never ceases to impress as a standalone unit in the living or dining area or as part of a relaxed wall unit arrangement. Traditional craftsmanship and streamlined modernity – these hallmarks of the new glass cabinet with angled doors are typical of the entire cubus living range.