TEAM 7 cubus pure sideboard TEAM 7 cubus pure sideboard TEAM 7 cubus pure sideboard TEAM 7 cubus pure sideboard TEAM 7 cubus pure highboard TEAM 7 cubus pure sideboard TEAM 7 cubus pure sideboard

Stylish accompanying pieces. In the case of cubus pure, coloured glass areas surround the fronts and emphasise the high quality of the natural wood surfaces. The fine glass edge and recessed plinth make for a light, floating visual appearance. Ten different colours of glass, or a colour of your choice, give you total free reign when it comes to how your furniture looks. The riffholz front design adds to the exciting interplay between the different materials. cubus pure Venetian Oak The history and mythical traditions of Italy‘s lagoon city have been incorporated into TEAM 7‘s new Venetian Oak front and are given new expression as part of the cubus pure range. Sculpted by many years of tidal erosion and the work of water molluscs, the oak piles are, for the first time ever, being made by TEAM 7 into light, warp-resistant three-layer panels, giving an impressive new account of their eventful history in a show of great care and precision. A suitably modest setting is provided by a precisely defined, intricate frame with new glass bronze finish, which plays with the incoming light, changing colour when seen from different angles. The ever-growing desire of our technically advanced company to bring out the authenticity of a natural material as well as its exciting history, is brought into harmony with this distinctive modern design by TEAM 7.