CSYS™ Desk by Jake Dyson Light
Jake Dyson Light

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Desk mounted LED task light with Heat pipe cooling technology and 3 axis movement. Complete with touch sensitive & memory dimming.

Jake has engineered the CSYS™ task lights around the technology, tackling the problems of overheating. All CSYS™ task light uses heat pipe technology, which dissipates heat generated by the LEDs through an aluminium heat sink. Eight high power LEDs project warm, white light, which can be positioned exactly where you want it using 3 Axis Glide™ motion. Touch-sensitive continuous dimming means you can choose exactly the level of light you need. CSYS™ task lights, the only LED task light that uses Heat pipe cooling technology to stay bright for 154,000 hours*. Eight low power warm white (2700K) LEDs with glare free conical reflectors surpass the task area illuminance requirements of BS EN12464-1. Beautifully balanced with unique 3 Axis Glide motion for smooth effortless manoeuvring horizontally, vertically and rotationally through 360°. Complete with touch sensitive precision dimming & memory driver.

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