Glas Italia Crystal Lounge Glas Italia Crystal Lounge

Collection of modular sofas and armchairs in 15 mm thick transparent extralight glass shaped, tempered and glued. The glass structure contains soft removable cushions, available in different fabrics and colours. The sofa can be composed of just two lateral modules (a right and a left one), or extended by using one or as many central armless modules as required. CRP01 99 90 66 CRP02 115 90 66 CRP03 115 90 66 CRP04 89 90 66 CRP05 319 90 66 CRP06 230 90 66

Glas Italia was established in 1970 in Macherio in Brianza, the industrious area of Regione Lombardia made famous by the shrewdness of some enlightened enterpreneurs of furnishings, thanks to whom the phenomenon of the "Italian design", well-known and appreciated throughout the whole world, could develop.