Crocodile Armchair by Hookl und Stool
Hookl und Stool

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Width 74cm, Length 92cm, Height 99cm

Crocodile collection consists of two armchairs, leg rest and coffee table. The name of collection comes from characteristical composition of the front legs and arm rest on the armchair (which resemble crocodile jaws). Extremely sharp, broken lines dominate both on the wooden structure and in upholstered back rest and seat, additionally emphasizing the sharpness of the piece. Armchair is made in two versions (face and mirror) which is achieved by switching left and right wooden frame on the armchair. The armchair is accompanied by ergonomically adjustible leg rest, the upper upholstered part of which can be skewed 20 degrees left or right. The armchair is accompanied by coffee table which also has the crocodile detail, but this time in the position of the leg. Buyer can choose type of wood and type and colour of material, which can be fabric or wool.

HOOKL und STOOL is a new manufacturer and editor of contemporary design furniture and objects.