Cranny Spot Round R by BRUCK

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Oberfläche hochglanz verchromt. Mit angeschweißter Leitung an der Faßung, für eine langlebige, sichere elektrische Verbindung. Leuchtenkopf aus Aluminium. Gehäuse mit Aufnahme für Lichtoptiken. Gehäse aus Aluminium.

The different variants of the Cranny allow the subtle luminaire to be employed in various rooms, especially in the living, dining, hall, or bathroom area. The minimalist architectural design language of the luminaire makes room for the protagonist: the light. In this way, the observer’s attention is focussed on lighting features on walls, furniture or pictures. Thanks to the shared design language, the recessed and surface mounted variations of the Cranny can be combined to produce a uniform appearance.

As a recessed ceiling luminaire with plasterboard or steel plate housing, Cranny is suitable for mounting in suspended ceilings. As a mono or duo variant with one or two swivelling spotlights, fascinating lighting features can be created with the Cranny recessed ceiling light.

Unsere Mission 2020 Wir fördern Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden durch ökologisches und ergonomisches Licht in der feinen Wohnwelt.Unsere Vision 2020 Wir stehen für hochwertige, innovative Lichtlösungen in der feinen Wohnwelt.