Width 13.5 cm
Length 37 cm
Height 103 cm
Weight 6 kg


Finish Black
Material Powder coated metal


Volume 0.07 m3


The form of the CoupƩ shelves draws upon the influences of roof racks from vintage sport and coupƩ cars.

The design of the CoupĆ© shelves allows to be used for multiple purposes. The shelves work well in small spaces like kitchens and bathrooms to hang towels and store everyday items like toothbrushes or spice jars. With the sculptural and frame-like structure, the CoupĆ© shelves work well even when empty.The CoupĆ© shelves come in black and white. The series consist of a vertical, horizontal and rectangular shelf.


Poiat is a Helsinki-based architecture and design office established in 2010 by three young designers Antti Rouhunkoski, Timo Mikkonen and Marco Rodriguez. The Poiat Studio has a simple philosophy of design: creating a strong atmosphere and vision. Aesthetics ā€“ the fact that something is beautiful ā€“ can outweigh functionalism if something simply feels good.

Together with our design team we have developed a universe where each product has its own place and reason for existence.