Width 60 cm
Depth 63 cm
Height 83 cm
Weight 4.9 kg
Armrest height 65 cm
Seat height 46 cm


Cushion material Cane-line Soft Touch
Cushion upholstery SFTG Grey
Frame colour Lava Grey
Frame material Aluminium


Note Includes QuickDry Foam
Stackable Yes
Suitable for outdoor use Yes

The Core dining chair in the unique new Cane-line SoftTouch® material takes outdoor dining to a whole new level.

The soft and comfortable SoftTouch material combines form and function in an optimal way. SoftTouch combines the soft feel know from a traditional indoor furniture fabric, with the unique outdoor all weather functions know from the Cane-line Tex®. With SoftTouch you get the popular and unique Cane-line Quickdry function in combination with a soft and homely feel. A touch and a look normally only seen in indoor furniture but most importantly you can just leave it outdoor with a minimum of maintenance. The overall aim was to create a highly comfortable dining chair without a cushion. Another demand to the design was to create a chair that was functional no matter the space available. Therefore it stacks well and has a lightweight construction allowing easy storage. The Core dining chair is therefore both versatile and practical.

Cane-line is a Danish design company with 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing functional and comfortable furniture.